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The visa for Cuba: tourist card & insurance

Carte touristique formalités administratives Cuba

Your flights for Cuba are all booked? It’s now time to worry about getting your visa for Cuba. Tourist card, medical insurance: let us guide you through the requirements to visit Cuba!

The tourist card: the visa for Cuba

The tourist card is the equivalent of a visa for Cuba. It is valid for a period of 30 days maximum (renewable once) and for a single entry in the country.

The tourist card is personal. Price is £39.00 per tourist card if you apply directly to the Cuban Consulate.

How is the tourist card delivered?

In order to obtain your visa for Cuba, you have 2 possibilities:

  • Apply by post to the Cuban Consulate. You will need to fill out an application form, provide your flight and accommodation details as well as payment (postal orders or banker’s drafts amounting to £39.00 per tourist card) and the photocopy of the main page of your passport.
  • Apply through, a Destination Management Company for Cuba. offers:
    • blank visas for €29 each (approximately £25) + shipping fees amounting to €3.50 (£3), free shipping from €30 (approximately £26)
    • completed visas for €34.00 each (approximately £29), free shipping
    • couples bundles including 2 blank visas & 1 road guide for €73.00 (+/- £63), free shipping
    • couples bundles including 2 completed visas & 1 road guide for €83.00 (+/- £71), free shipping
    • family bundles including 4 blank visas & 1 road guide for €126.00 (+/- £108), free shipping
    • family bundles including 4 completed visas & 1 road guide for €146.00 (+/- £125), free shipping

If a travel agency is organising your trip in Cuba for you, they will handle the obtention of you visa for you, unless stated otherwise.

Renewing your tourist card in Cuba

While in Cuba, you have the possibility of renewing your tourist card once, for an additional period of 30 days. In order to renew your Cuban visa, you will have to go to the Immigration Office in Havana or one of the main cities in the country.

You will be asked to present your passport, your health insurance, your plane ticket and a tax stamp (25 CUC).

Don’t lose your tourist card

Remember to keep your tourist card for the entire duration of your stay in Cuba. The Cuban authorities will indeed control your visa at the airport, before your return flight.

As a precaution, we strongly advise you to make a photocopy or take a photo of your tourist card.

Health insurance in Cuba

Cuban authorities require foreign tourists (including children) to present a medical insurance certificate upon entering the country. You can get this certificate on the internet from your insurance company or from the credit card companies Visa and Mastercard.

This document certifies that you will be covered by your insurance in case of repatriation or hospitalisation.

Valid passport

It may sound obvious, but do not forget to check that your passport is still valid! It’d be a shame to have gone through all the formalities (visa, insurance) to enter Cuba and find yourself stuck at the airport because your passport has expired!

Your passport must be valid for the entire duration of your stay. Children must have a valid individual passport as well.

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